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    Re: Moving/Relocating Experiences Traveling with Bunker?

    OK, that's a long way, couple of days, and lots of bumps-braking-cornering, etc. Error to the safety side on your packing. The heavy boxes are a good idea. Invest in a couple of rolls of bubble wrap at Office Max-Depot-Staples. Wrap tops of bottles with Glad's Press 'n Seal. Better than Saran Wrap, because it's stickier and stays in place. Pack other stuff tightly next to the boxes to keep them from tipping over, but putting some Styrofoam between your booze boxes and the other stuff would be a good idea.

    Good luck and have a good trip.

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    Re: Moving/Relocating Experiences Traveling with Bunker?

    I work at a liquor store, so I can give you some advise on which boxes are best and how to get them. I also used to trade a lot of beer before I got into the business.

    *It would always be preferable to use the original box for the product, if you have time to look for them and enough product of one type to fill a box. l would suggest it.

    *Crown Royal makes the best box, these things are nearly indestructible. I wish the whiskey was a good as the box. The bad thing is that they don't fit much other than that particular product. Ask your booze slinger for some wine box dividers to use as extra packaging. Sailor Jerry also comes in a pretty nice box. I would in general recommend the 1.75 boxes, as they will be large enough to fit obscurely shaped items. Belvedere 1.75 boxes are nice for extremely tall bottles. Belvedere and Chopin are the tallest/heaviest bottles in the store. In general if it comes in a big heavy bottle that is relatively expensive, it's going to come in a nice box.

    *Don't be greedy - you'll get a lot further in asking for specific boxes if you just ask the person working in a kind manor. We get people every day wanting boxes to move. I'll always give them to the people if we have them, but some people go as far as wanting us to unpack product that we have in boxes because they are trying to save 50 cents on a box. It's not that we want to hoard all the boxes, sometimes we just don't have any extra.

    *Find out what day the store gets its delivery, and ask if they can set aside some boxes for you to pick up and when it's convenient for them.

    *Buy some beer or whiskey as a sign that you aren't just a cheap a** trying to build a cardboard palace.

    *I would use some electrical tape on the top of each bottle. The stuff is basically waterproof, stretches to fit nicely around the cap of a bottle, and doesn't leave a residue. A trick I've learned from beer traders.

    *don't park your car and leave it with 50 liquor boxes inside of it. It doesn't matter how nice the neighborhood is, the temptation is too great for people. Cover everything with a blanket. Put some junk in exposed areas to make people think your car is full of junk. An empty McDonalds bag or two is a sure sign that you are white trash, and your stuff isn't worth stealing.

    For your irreplaceable extremely expensive bottles-
    1. Get a large, heavy duty box like a crown royal 1.75 box.
    2. Fill bottom of box with 1" of great stuff- the expanding foam used to seal around windows and doors. (spread evenly with a spare piece of cardboard) This stuff is nearly impossible to remove from skin, clothing, and just about everything else.
    3. Cover this layer of great stuff with saran wrap after it is dry. Will come in handy when you unpack.
    4. Electrical Tape the top of the bottles.
    5. Wrap bottles in saran wrap.
    6. Put bottles in box and leave some spacing between bottles.
    7. Fill box with Great Stuff.
    8. Cut foam that has expanded beyond capacity of box with a hand saw or box knife when it's dry.
    9. Seal box and move or ship.
    10 Unpack - a lot of effort that will be rewarded with great whiskey in a new place.
    11. Repack one of these bottles with method mentioned above, and send to the guy that told you about it. He will be your hero, and you will be his.

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    Re: Moving/Relocating Experiences Traveling with Bunker?

    Quote Originally Posted by benpearson View Post
    An empty McDonalds bag or two is a sure sign that you are white trash, and your stuff isn't worth stealing.
    That's just too much! I've actually done this before.
    I've never tried GTS with any sort of soda. Maybe I'm missing out; but I'm OK with that.

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    Re: Moving/Relocating Experiences Traveling with Bunker?

    I thought I was the only one, I guess SB members think alike.

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    Re: Moving/Relocating Experiences Traveling with Bunker?

    Interesting... There's a car in my neighborhood I pass when I run and I've noticed more than just 1-2 McD's bags. They've got the whole gamut, Arby's, KenTacoHuts, LJS, you name it. Where's the line between crafty and appalling?

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    Re: Moving/Relocating Experiences Traveling with Bunker?

    There might be good bourbon in there.

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    Re: Moving/Relocating Experiences Traveling with Bunker?

    Excellent advice all around. I recently moved across the country and implemented several of these tips. The bunker survived the move intact. I would add to mark the boxes "This side up" if others will be helping with the move. You won't regret over packing!

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