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    Re: Small Barrels Don't Always Produce Lousy Whisky

    How would you guys compare the QC to an Ardbeg Ugi? A few years back I tried both the QC and 10 year and hated both with the 10 year being especially vile. Since then my peat tolerance has gone up though I still tend to stick to light peat or old peat (think Oban 14, Talisker 25, JW Green Label) but we popped a bottle of Ardbeg Ugi the other night and I really enjoyed it! Now I do have moods where peat just sounds better, and that night was one of them, but this was a cask strength Ardbeg so I figure it has to be somewhat high on the scale. I looked through my bunker list and realized the only Laphroaigs I have on hand are an 18 and a 2013 Cairdeas, both of which I assume would taste far different than the QC.

    So, thoughts on that comparison? Is it worth taking the plunge and grabbing one? I guess I could always make my wife drink it if I can't stand it, she is the Octomore lover in the house...

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    Re: Small Barrels Don't Always Produce Lousy Whisky

    I think the Oog is better. However, Oog is quite different. It is matured with sherry casks. (similar to Lagavulin) If you want to try a similar Laphroaig, check out the PX or the Triple Wood. I don't think any of those come close to the Oog, so there is that.

    If you have warmed up to peat lately, I think you will like the QC. It is much sweeter and less abrasive than the 10. Definitely the more approachable Laphroaig of the lineup.

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    Re: Small Barrels Don't Always Produce Lousy Whisky

    Quote Originally Posted by Smithford View Post
    Case in point: Laphroaig Quarter Cask.
    This is lousy whiskey; of course I feel that way about any peat bomb.

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    Re: Small Barrels Don't Always Produce Lousy Whisky

    I'm a huge fan of the Quarter Cask Laphroaig - great price - sometimes it can be found on sale for $45 - when I see that I buy 3 bottles. I do think it is interesting to the flavor change that the time in the quarter cask brings - it isn't that much smaller than a regular barrel but it definitely bends the flavor curve.



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