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    Re: Where's all the aged wheated bourbon barrels

    Yes I do, it would seem there are those who regard wheaters as someone who must be invited to the wedding because they're family but we'll seat 'em at a table in the back.
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    Re: Where's all the aged wheated bourbon barrels

    Is it that they dislike wheaters, or would they rather stick to what they know, when that has been working for them for years? Is there some trepidation regarding mass producing a wheated bourbon that ages well? BT is turning out some pretty high quality wheaters in low quantities, but their high volumes labels have taken a dive in quality. I understand trying to meet the increase in demand has had the largest impact, but I am wondering if it is just a little bit harder to produce and age wheated bourbon in larger quantities.

    I imagine it would be a bit of a bummer if you decided to reallocate a significant amount of resources to wheated bourbon, and then 7 years later realize that most of it tastes like moose sweat, and is not getting any better.
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    Re: Where's all the aged wheated bourbon barrels

    "I would think by now Buffalo Trace and Heaven Hill should have a lot more available 10 year or older good wheated bourbon sitting in barrels.

    "Is that their output has increased but the demand had out grown what they had anticipated or are they holding back?

    "Another example is why isn't HH coming out with more like PHC4th at 10 year or even at 15 year?"

    Let me make sure I have the premise right here. You think HH and BT should have more whiskey than they seem to have? Why do you think that? And what do you mean by 'holding back'? What are you suggesting they might be doing? It's unclear, but it sure sounds sinister.

    If your distillery plans to have a certain amount of 10-year-old bourbon ready to sell in ten years, then you can't very well sell all of it when it's four years old, can you? Even if there is enough demand, you can't sell it all because then you won't have enough when it should be turning ten, so in that sense of course they're 'holding back,' but you seem to suggest some secret stash, beyond the normal production planning. Whatever for? Why would they be doing this? Is it part of a secret plan for world domination?

    Guess I'm saying your basic premise just doesn't make a lot of sense, based on an 'impression' unfounded in anything factual. Whiskey distilleries make a product that gets aged and it doesn't always get aged the same amount. Whiskey distilleries plan their production very carefully and they are constantly making adjustments to conform their stocks to their actual and projected sales. One of the things they carefully avoid is a condition like the one you're suggesting, where they are building up an inventory of aged spirits with no plans to sell them. They certainly wouldn't be doing that on purpose when they try so hard to avoid doing that by accident.

    In fact, what they try to do with their adjustments is sell as much whiskey as they can as soon as they can -- that's how they make their money, after all -- when actual demand exceeds projected demand. They adjust to make sure they have enough stock to meet their age targets. That's the only 'holding back' that occurs.

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    Re: Where's all the aged wheated bourbon barrels

    All it takes is time. All good things to those that.............



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