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Thread: The Wife's Pour

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    Re: The Wife's Pour

    Haven't tried a blind test like this yet but MrsTT pours at least half of my drinks.

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    Re: The Wife's Pour

    Mrs Q is more concerned with clearing some shelf space than she is for my liver, so I am afraid she would pull out the pint glasses if I asked her to pour anything.
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    Re: The Wife's Pour

    My wife is content to be the "nose" suits me fine as its still a team sport

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    Re: The Wife's Pour

    Quote Originally Posted by TunnelTiger View Post
    Haven't tried a blind test like this yet but MrsTT pours at least half of my drinks.
    Mrs. Fish and I regularly pour each other bourbon for blind tasting. But it is never a contest to see who can identify what. The object is always to identify what we taste without the prejudicial clues that come with seeing the bottles. It's amazing what you discover that you really like when you don't know what it is. Recently, for example, I have come back to WT101 after concluding a year ago that I didn't like it anymore.
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