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The Hirsch 20 mentioned above is exactly what you are looking for. Bourbon mash, used cooperage, 20 years old. Not crazy expensive and can be found since most bourbon diehards won't touch the stuff.


Sold out there but it is still on shelves around me.
Yes, indeed! It was a Bourbon mashbill distilled at the old Hiram Walker plant in Peoria, thrown into used barrels, but was never intended to age that long. When I first tried it, I hated it, but it really started to grow on me. There's an odd sweetness up front that differs from Bourbon sweetness. If that sounds strange, I guess it is. The finish is very "resiny" in a nice way. It's such an oddball that I kinda cherish the last bottle I have, as you won't see this type of spirit again. (At least not anytime soon.) And I thought that $55 was not a crazy price for a 20yr whiskey.