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    Re: Black Maple Hill Oregon Straight Bourbon / Oregon Straight Rye

    Quote Originally Posted by dementedavenger View Post
    Got a free taste of the bourbon and the rye the other night thanks to a bartender buddy. This stuff could go down as having the worst price-to-quality ratio on the market. It's not even as good as Stein's regular offering, which is middling at best for young whiskey. A nice lesson in how to destroy a brand (remember when there was some mystery to BMH?).
    So even a craft distillery does not sell their 'good stuff' but only their rejects as bulk whiskey? too funny.

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    Re: Black Maple Hill Oregon Straight Bourbon / Oregon Straight Rye

    Sell their stuff and buy other's stuff to label as their own.
    We're Bourbon Geeks, it's who we are, it's what we do.



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