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    Greenbush Brewery Visit

    We went to Sawyer yesterday, that's on the Lake Michigan coast, southern part of the state to visit the Greenbush Brewery.
    Their link,... http://www.greenbushbrewing.com/index.htm
    Kinda of a last minute decision to go there.
    Last Thursday I got a 6-pak of Anger and I see the info and then I look them up and since we are on vacation this week we went.
    They have a long list of beers, we tried several and I liked them all.
    All brewed in a copper kettle that was the 2nd to last one that noted San Fransisco coppersmith Fred Zaft made.
    Also the best pub food I have had at one of these places.

    In May 1952 a train derailed here and damaged the building.
    A local high school kid driving a panel truck hit the train.
    Over the years the building has housed multible different business'.
    BTW, I highly recommend Fitzgerlad's for lunch/dinner right next door.

    Close by is Warren Dunes State Park.

    This has nothing to do with beer but it's been decades since I've seen a Five & Dime, thought some fellow old timers would like to seen it too.

    OK, back home and back to that 6-pak that I bought last week.
    Anger, a Black IPA.


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    Re: Greenbush Brewery Visit

    I love that part of Michigan and I love hanging out at Greenbush on a hot summer day. Nice pics! It's been awhile, but if I recall they keep themselves pretty busy making lots of different kinds of beer there with plenty of aging going on. Their Closure IPA is good stuff, if a bit erratic. We get it around here in Chicago now, but there's no date on the bottle so it's impossible to know how fresh it is.
    "A man comes from the dust and in the dust he will end-- In the meantime it is good to drink whiskey."

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    Re: Greenbush Brewery Visit

    Great pics and narrative. I'm a Greenbush fan -- enjoyed one of their Advent calendars of 25 different beers back in December.
    "Delicious... bourbon. Brownest of the brown liquors... so tempting. What's that? You want me to drink you?" -Lionel Hutz



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