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    Re: What "Other American Whisky" are you drinking?

    Sunday afternoon, 90+ degrees outside, Brewers vs. Nats on TV. Bernheim neat. After all, it is Summer.

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    Re: What "Other American Whisky" are you drinking?

    Thanks to the thoughtful assistance of a fellow SB/GBSer I ways able to acquire a bottle of the Nebraska made Cut Spike single malt whisky (batch 3) that had been aged for 2 years. My expectations were as low as the proof (86 proof) but I do like to try things for myself!

    It managed to live down to my expectations. The nose had an interesting character and I agree with SKU's review of an almost gin like strong herbal quality with maybe a touch of the always highly regarded GBS anise quality. But little of that made it to the palate. I didn't find it overly grainy. Young certainly and a bit of sweet grain but not raw (as SKU notes when he reviewed Batch 3) although I have not had the chance to try the generally positively regarded batch 1 .

    I also tried it next to a bottle of Westland single malt (the standard unpeated bottling, not a special cask) along with a fellow GBS/SBer. I certainly preferred the Westland (although I think the peated and sherry finished standard Westlands are a bit better) and I would drink the Westland more regularly. The biggest problem both of these have is price. An awful lot of better drinking whisky (of all types) for the same cost or less.

    I hope they are both successful and with time produce older expressions but I think the cost is going to be a significant limitation in the forseeable future.
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    Re: What "Other American Whisky" are you drinking?

    Continued working on a GD9 I have recently purchased. I have come to really enjoy this bottle after dialing the proper amount of water.

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    Re: What "Other American Whisky" are you drinking?

    Revisiting the Michter's American Whiskey this evening. I poured this round over a few ice cubes and let it sit for a bit... that tamed some of the sweetness I experienced with it last time and even though there isn't much heat or spice, this ain't bad and goes down REAL easy!

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    Re: What "Other American Whisky" are you drinking?

    Craving something different led me to some HW Campfire. Totally met expectations
    Gary (aka 'Country')
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    Re: What "Other American Whisky" are you drinking?

    After a dinner of pork chops, hash, corn and most of a bottle of 1999 Ojai Pisoni Vineyard Pinot, I'm not counting on my palate to know heads from tails. So......some Dickel Juice (Barrel Select) with one rock for me tonight!



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