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    Looking for some information on Belmont Bourbon

    A friend of mine and my self have came across a so we have very rare bottle of Bourbon, a 1 Gallon Bottle of Belmont Straight Bourbon Whiskey Distilled in 1899 and Bottled in 1917 it is un opened. Do we have something special on our hands?


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    Re: Looking for some information on Belmont Bourbo

    Do a search for the user name "turboman."

    This was discussed extensively in May about his finding and sales intentions of the same or similar stuff.

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    Re: Looking for some information on Belmont Bourbo

    Perhaps they bought it from him, since I recall him believing himself to have the only known supply of this very old whiskey.

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    Re: Looking for some information on Belmont Bourbo

    It is from the same person, he gave a bottle to a team member and now I am trying to help find information since my friend does not have access to the internet. I tried to run a search and came up with nothing, I will have pictures of the bottle by monday. I also have heard about some of what went on in that thread and I am not going to be aggressive and not looking to cause trouble. Just would like some information on how I can help my friend, since I have ran searches on Belmont Bourbon and mainly found out how a mayor in the mid-east use to like to drink it and seen a display at Belmont park that had a Bottle (not a 1 gallon bottle though). Anyone that can give me a hand I would appreciate it very much.


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    Re: Looking for some information on Belmont Bourbo

    "he gave you a bottle"???

    You're not going to find any additional info that's not already written in the earlier thread. (See Collectibles, 18 yr old Belmont)

    If you're a bourbon drinker, drink it.
    If you're not a bourbon drinker, for God's sake, give it to someone who can appreciate it.
    If you are a history buff, donate it to a museum.
    If you're in it for the money you can make off it, ebay will be glad to help you. It's only worth what someone is willing to pay.




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