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    A bizarre, unlooked-for success

    I roasted a chicken for dinner today. My mom taught me to always stuff SOMETHING in the cavity to soak up the grease, so when I saw I didn't have any bread handy, I grabbed a box of Honey-nut Cheerios and poured in about a cup and a half. Then without even thinking, I poured in about 5 ounces of Evan Williams. I've been adding bourbon to roasted meats lately with good success. I even pulled up the skin and poured a capfull in on each side. What the hell, I figured, the alcohol will cook off, right?
    Well, actually, not. I hadn't intended to serve or even taste the resultant mess, but it smelled so damned GOOD I got a spoon and dipped up some of the hot, moist O's. They were delicious, extra-terrestrial, and the deeper I got into the bird, the more obviously alcoholic they were. I don't know if this was because the cavity of the bird contained the vapors, or if they were sufficiently locked in by the cereal, but they were definitely NOT gone. I was almost embarrassed to be eating bourbon-soaked Cheerios liberally laced with roast chicken drippings, but I couldn't help myself.
    I told the rest of the bass section about this at choir practice tonight, and their concensus was that I should figure out a way to do it without having to roast a chicken!
    Will I repeat this? Probably not, but it has potential as a basis for further experimentation. Wonder what the good people at Heaven Hill would think of it?

    Lew Bryson
    Hirsch Reserve 16 YO: Real Pennsylvania Bourbon

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    Re: Honey Nut bourbon chicken

    You are sick, sick, sick. Even normal people know to stuff a bird with Lucky Charms or Count Chocula before puttin' in the juice.


    Jim Butler
    Straightbourbon.com Staff

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    Re: Honey Nut bourbon chicken

    Count Chocula, huh? Hmmm... Might want to try Cocoa Puffs, and save the Count Chocula for the candied yams.


    Lew Bryson
    Hirsch Reserve 16 YO: Real Pennsylvania Bourbon



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