Just got off the phone with Bill Friel, retired master distiller from VOB, to find out the scoop on what's going on. Folks, let me tell you, this is sad. Not only to the parties involved, but the whole bourbon industry. There is no way that you can compare Ridgewood Reserve with any other product, namely, Woodford Reserve. The only good thing that can happen out of this is that VOB will finally get the recognition it truly deserves. I have e-mailed Brown & Forman this evening to let them know how displeased I am with this lawsuit and I urge others to do the same. Their e-mail address is: Brown-Forman@b-f.com. This kind of action is not good for the bourbon industry. I only hope that VOB will challenge this and stand their ground on principal that they are right. It is just the right thing to do!!!