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    Re: anyone have a "drinkable" mint julep?

    Quote Originally Posted by Old Dusty View Post
    You said "drinkable" so here you go:

    In a rocks glass,
    Pour 2oz. barrel proof bourbon of your choice
    Over 1 large ice cube or sphere
    Vigorously wave a fresh mint sprig near the glass
    Throw a pinch of raw sugar over your shoulder
    Should you spank the mint before waving?
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    Re: anyone have a "drinkable" mint julep?

    Quote Originally Posted by Tony View Post
    Meant to add- always enjoy watching this -

    Wow; a cocktail bard! Who knew?

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    Re: anyone have a "drinkable" mint julep?

    Quote Originally Posted by Restaurant man View Post
    Should you spank the mint before waving?
    That's what the pros do.
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    Re: anyone have a "drinkable" mint julep?

    This one I made 3 years ago that I try to repeat at least every year never fails. In all fairness though I have to give props to Chris McMillian..

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    Re: anyone have a "drinkable" mint julep?

    Well, my mother gave me a few sprigs of mint from her flower bed. I took 'em home and replanted them.
    i go out and smell them right before sipping a neat glass of bourbon...
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    Re: anyone have a "drinkable" mint julep?

    Quote Originally Posted by Restaurant man View Post
    Should you spank the mint before waving?
    Is that a euphemism?

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    Re: anyone have a "drinkable" mint julep?

    That depends on what you mean by "traditional". The mint julep has evolved over time as attested to in Ted Haigh's Vintage Spirits and Forgotten Cocktails. Before bourbon was the dominant spirit in the drink, it was brandy. In an attempt at historical homage, Ted combines cognac and peach brandy, along with mint, sugar, water, and ice.

    I liked the idea of this but hated all of the fuss with the standard accoutrements (silver cup, mint sprigs, Lewis ice bag, bar muddler, etc.) I also regretted the bourbon exclusion. So I adapted the drink to be shaken with ice and served straight up, just like you usually would with any ordinary cocktail. My version uses bourbon as the base liquor and peach-flavored brandy for added flavor and depth. Instead of superfine sugar, I use simple syrup. Instead of mint sprigs, I use one drop of pure spearmint oil.

    The result is not only reminiscent of the drink's past renditions, but a tasty, refreshing, and less complicated concoction to enjoy on any warm-weather day (not just the KD).
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    Re: anyone have a "drinkable" mint julep?

    Ordered a mint julep at Mary Mac this weekend. ..never had one before not sure it was anything special tasted like watered down burbon with a sprig of mint. This was the first mint julep i have ever ordered.
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