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Why should any producer need retail delivery trucks? Just allow the USPS to carry their products right to your door for a WIN/WIN/WIN/LOSE/LOSE (USPS/producer/customer/retailer/distributor).
Common carrier is expensive. If a store wants to order a bottle of something from a distillery, it would probably cost $10 + packaging and handling. It would be next to nothing if it shipped by the pallet to a distributor and then came off the delivery truck to the store with the Cheetos, for example.

In an efficient supply chain, retailers will only stock the required inventory. They don't want to buy a couple cases of Bulleit and sit on it for months if they don't have to. If they sold 1 bottle today, for the sake of example, they want to order 1 to replace it. In fact, they don't even want to have to order. It just shows up from the distributor because they're tied into the store's inventory. That's how Walmart works.