Sorry I'm late again folks. I'd been thinking a lot on just what to pick for BOTM. It ain't gettin' any easier ya' know. I'm going to go with a suggestion from one of our members. It was pointed out to me that we have lot's of new members. So, going back and revisiting some BOTM's that haven't been done in a while seemed like a good suggestion. Thanks Flyfish.

There has been some discussion about Woodford Reserve/Brown Foreman on the boards lately. It's a bit ironic that at least one of the things being talked about currently, had been brought up back when WR was the BOTM in July of 2006.

Not much from me again. I'll only say that to me, WR is just an okay bourbon. (Price? Ehhhhhh.) But IMHO, I think it used to be much better when it was all BF distillate. I don't get the "copper penny" flavor when I taste WR, but it seems some folks do. The only thing I can figure is that maybe the combination of their yeast and copper pot distillation just aren't to my liking. Who knows?

Just for kicks, I though I'd post Jeff's comments when he chose WR as the BOTM back in 2006. His post is below.

Cheers and happy posting! Joe

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The re-opening of the Labrot and Graham distillery was an exciting occasion for lovers of Kentucky bourbon. Not only because it was the first "new" distillery opened in recent memory, but also owing to the 3 beautiful copper pot-stills that would be producing more of Kentucky's finest. Initially produced from honey-barrels of Old Forester bourbon brought to Woodford County from Louisville to finish aging, Woodford Reserve was a hit from day one. Fast forward a decade and Woodford Reserve is a constantly evolving product containing both pot-still bourbon distilled on site and bourbon produced in Louisville. Will Woodford Reserve eventually contain 100% pot-still bourbon? That remains to be seen, however what they are doing now seems to be working.

Join us now in a discussion of Woodford Reserve, both current and previous conjurations.

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