.....or not? Most conventional wisdom would say so, and I would agree....to a point. If I detect caramel in the nose, most of the time, I can taste it in the sip to an extent. But my experience is that the best nose does not translate into the best sip. My experience is that the best nose can be found in standard Woodford Reserve or Elijah Craig BP/12...yet in terms of palate, there is no correlation (in terms of overall taste) in terms of how much I enjoy the sip....for that, other bourbons from HH, FR, and WT are better than these, but the nose...fairly pedestrian.

Has anyone else experience this?.....Heavenly nose, pedestrian sip. Or pedestrian nose, heavenly sip.

In my experience, the quality of the nose has little to do with the quality of the sip. What say you?