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    Storing bottles with or without boxes/tubes

    After moving my malt whisky upstairs yesterday and back down today (the least pleasant part of hosting the GBS World Whisky Day event!) I decided to put the bottles back on the shelf without the box or tube (if they had one).

    To this point they have generally been kept in the box/tube but that tends to take up more space. Presumably being in the box provides a bit of extra protection from light. But these bottles are stored where direct sunlight never reaches them and are in a basement where the overhead light (a mix of fluorescent and incandescent bulbs) is on only a relatively limited amount of time. The ones that never has a box/tube don't seem any the worse for wear so far.

    Any strong reason to put them back in their box or tube? Some will likely be there for awhile. Just too many to drink them all in the near future!

    For the moment I am keeping the box or tube. Not sure how long that will last but if they ever have to be moved I thought it might provide some protection to put them back in their box/tube.
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    Re: Storing bottles with or without boxes/tubes

    Bruce, I've progressed away from it over the years as space and other concerns arose. First, it was all boxes, then only really nice boxes (wood, etc.), and now I just toss them out as soon as they get home. I also keep mine in a windowless room/closet so I don't worry about light exposure.
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    Re: Storing bottles with or without boxes/tubes

    I keep a couple tubes for transportation purposes, but don't store any in them either. I like using them if I'm bringing a bottle back in my suitcase as added protection.
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    Re: Storing bottles with or without boxes/tubes

    I kept all boxes and tubes for several years, even for bottles that were open. Recently I've started to discard the packaging once the bottle was open, but the bottles in storage are still in their original packaging.

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    Re: Storing bottles with or without boxes/tubes

    I remove from box/tube one time. All of my opened bottles are now safely in my basement bunker since it will get too hot in the garage bunker real soon.

    I do have them stored in 6 bottle shipping boxes with identifcation on the outside of the box.



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