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    Re: Johnnie Walker Spice Road

    Quote Originally Posted by dmarkle View Post
    I just get sooo much over the top E150A caramel taste. IMO if you're going to the Duty Free, spend an extra 15 bucks and get the Macallan Select Oak...

    Don't get me wrong, I love me some Green Label. I also love me some Black Label. Perhaps I'm being a bit overly harsh. I guess Compass Box has ruined me with the quality of their blends and has raised my standards!
    Hmmm, I may take you up on that. Personally I swore off buying anything from Macallan due to their extreme price and a VERY poor price/value ratio, at least to my pallet. Their CS was good, but when it skyrocketed in price and then disappeared I walked away and have not looked back. That being said, the select oak was still intriguing, but I had not pulled the trigger on it during my last few duty free trips. Maybe this next time I'll give it a whirl.

    I also second the Compass Box reference. While Green Label remains one of my favorite blends to date, Compass Box really knows their stuff. I finally got over my prejudice and tried a few of their expressions (Delilahs, Hedonism, and Great King Street) and wow, talk about tasty! I have not purchased a bottle from them yet but will likely remedy that in the near future.

    Now my preferred blend list (obviously including blended malts) goes, in order of price, Monkey Shoulder -> Green Label -> Anything Compass Box.


    EDIT* One thing for those interested in the E150 coloring debate. Whisk(e)ys that are sold in Germany, and perhaps other countries, have to disclose any additives and that includes this coloring. If you see a bottle from Germany with the words "mit farbstoff" on it, then it has added coloring. If you search around there are posts that show or talk about bottles that say this, people are using it as a way to determine if color has been added to any of the commonly available whiskys. I supposed the distiller could just be added coloring to their bottles bound for Germany and that the US and other bound bottles don't have any, but I find this hard to believe and likely opposite of the truth. If you have to disclose it, I would think they might shy away from adding coloring to the German version but who knows.

    Either way, I personally prefer to see the natural color and this is one reason my purchases lately have tended towards cask strength independent bottles.
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