Well, it's the first of the month, and I'm on time for a change!

I'm going to go back to basics again with the BOTM. I'm taking a suggestion from a fellow member, and also using an idea that Jeff had when he did Beam White as the BOTM back in November of 2006. Jeff's idea was to try and hit the staple bourbons offered by the major distilleries. Thanks go to Flyfish for the original idea though. His suggestion was, "Recycle some of the old bottles. Not only have some of the bourbons changed over the years, the membership has grown and changed too."

Not much from me again. IMHO, I will say that Beam White is fairly easy on the wallet, but not so much so on the pallet. And yes that has been said by others. I'm not plagiarizing, just agreeing.

With that, the BOTM for this month is Jim Beam White. Like Jeff used to post when he was doing the BOTM, Sound Off!

Cheers! Joe