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    Re: Let us talk about Shrubs, not shrubbery

    I have made a few shrubs, and have been really happy with the results. Keep in mind that they tend to be quite sweet, and you usually only need a healthy splash to really influence the cocktail. Usually, a splash with your spirit of choice and some soda or tonic water is a quick and easy cocktail, with tons of variations possible.

    I want to experiment a lot more, but so far the best ones I've made have been:

    cucumber/lime: great with a gin or vodka + tonic.
    Orange honey: Highly recommended as a substitute for simple syrup in an old fashioned.
    Basil Peach: Fantastic with bourbon or rye.

    Feel free to pass along any successful combinations you discover!

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    Re: Let us talk about Shrubs, not shrubbery

    Quote Originally Posted by DaveOfAtl View Post
    I am a fan. There is a good cocktail bar that makes a cocktail with a shrub made with beet juice and white balsamic that is incredible.
    I had a cocktail made with something similar the other night and it was delicious! Tart, sweet, and summery.



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