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    Re: Lagavulin 16 - WOW!

    I picked up a bottle of Lag 16 in South Africa recently to keep on hand as my "special occasion" pour. It was on sale and cost me about $75. Normally that bottle is around $100 around here. The nice thing though is that there is often hardly any mark up at the bars (compared to the US at least). You can often get a pour for $8-10 bucks.
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    Re: Lagavulin 16 - WOW!

    I compared Ardbeg 10 to Lagavulin 16 last night and I definitely enjoyed Lagavulin more. Better balance, more sweetness, whereas Ardbeg was a mouthful of ashes.

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    Re: Lagavulin 16 - WOW!

    Quote Originally Posted by HD 335 View Post
    The Lagavulin wasn't really my preference in whiskey, although I enjoyed the Ardbeg Uigeadail and Kilchoman Machir Bay a bit more. If you were up here in the Bay Area, I would just give you my bottle of Lagavulin 16 haha.

    And FYI, about purchasing liquor at Costco in California for those that don't have membership, you don't need to be a member to make alcohol purchases.
    I'd take that Lagavulin off your hands.

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    Re: Lagavulin 16 - WOW!

    Excellent whisky when paired with cigars...



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