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Cracked open one of my Bourbon DeLuxe bottles, a '94 Beam era.

Wow, I won't be putting this into the rotation. It's definitely going into the "mixer" category. Of course, it was probably $9. But I could have spent that $9 better. I look forward (maybe) to one of the ND bottles. I guess I should keep this on hand to do a comparison. I imagine my '77 bottle and my early 80's tax strip bottle are better than this.

I'll probably ditch the glencairn, grab the tumbler and add coke.
I was gifted one of these, my assumption was your assessment. Might by more interesting to compare it to JIm Beam white because comparing it to bourbon deluxe of ND would be like comparing grapefruit to a pineapple tree.

Last night I did side by side 3 cognac finished wheated bourbons in one of the most interesting tastings I have ever done. Lots of note taking and a girlfriend staring at me like I'm a crazy person.