With the exploding popularity of whisk(e)y and craft distillers popping up around the world, I thought I'd create a thread where we could track new distilleries we come across, track their progress, and (hopefully) encourage the worldwide whisky enthusiasts to sample some of this fare and post their thoughts as these new products age.

This one caught my eye after reading a post by Dominic Roskrow on his site - perhaps some of our Italian, Swiss, or Austrian enthusiasts could seek it out and post some thoughts. No corn here, it is a barley malt, wheat malt, and rye malt mash from an Italian distillery in the Tyrol:


Using local grains, washbacks constructed with local timber, and aged in used barrels that include Italian wine barrels. Now THAT, if anything, should be unique. Very young now, but should be something very unique if they can go the distance.