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    Re: Drinking to Drink

    Oscar, I agree with you flipping down: salespeople, the knuckle-heads they sell to, and Buffalo Trace. BT suffers from the same problem as Jim Beam. Both distilleries have a few good brands, but their flagship brands are very lame. Over time, I've decided that I don't particularly care for any permutation of BT mashbill #1.

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    Re: Drinking to Drink

    Quote Originally Posted by OscarV View Post
    No not at all, I get defensive before I have a couple of cups of coffee in the morning.
    Oh, I was agreeing with you, not criticizing you. Framed in the context of Bourbon Info Exchange on Facebook, Driscoll's comments are annoying.

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    Re: Drinking to Drink

    He blogs and has a website to promote his business and there ain't nothing wrong with that.
    But it is good to see that people are picking up whiskies for their themselves but we knew it was coming.
    How long can you stay with vodka, whisky is the new vodka but that is bad news for us that like a proper aged 8 years and up in the barrel.
    Also trumpeting the fact that whiskey collecting/hoarding is over doesn't speak to well of what's out there to buy.
    I didn't build my bunker as a portfolio or a "I got more toys than you" thing, I bought bottles that I loved and knew they would never be available again.
    A few years ago I bought the first EH Taylor special release and it's been down hill from there.
    Last year I passed on BTAC because the drop in quality, there just ain't much on the shelves worth picking up today.
    But I'm OK, my bunker will last another 15 years.

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    Re: Drinking to Drink

    Past few yrs. did the chasing and calling ,but now it has diminished, I still like to stop in at some Ls if I am passing by and never been in it before just to see the selection. However those few yrs. did establish some connections, to the point now where I get a phone call from a few of them so it was well worth it. I love to drink,but I like to have choices,like to have many bottles open at a time. When I first started getting into the more collectible bottles a few yrs. back, I thought of them as a possible future investment....Which indeed they turned out to be..for my liver .
    Everyday my spirit seems to find its way to the bottom of a glass...... Don



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