I found this company Mile High Spirits from Denver CO who makes a Bourbon called Fireside.

The bottle I have has no age, and does not say straight.
The website page for Fireside bourbon claims it is a 4year aged straight bourbon and shows a similar label with the additional age and 'straight' text.

The bottle is just 80 proof, not impressive.
Priced at $23 there are many better values and pours at and below this price out there. But it is a local product and the "craft" distillate usually seems to be ridiculously expensive, so it was nice that this was at least priced in sanity.
I'm thinking possibly I have a bottle made before they had straight bourbon says it doesn't say it on the label.

Anyone tried this Mile High Spirits Fireside Bourbon?

I have a small pour in front of me.
The color is light and blond and it kind of smells like scotch.
The taste isn't bad, it's a warm bourbon profile, cinnamon, little bit of toffee, vanilla, there's almost a wisp of peat, black pepper.

Decent first impressions. I'll have to sit with it and develop some more impressions.

Photo on 2014-07-13 at 18.17.jpg