When I first did the "What Would You Drink in a Pinch?" poll in early 2001, I got the following results. Note that that brand lineup was a little different.

Virtually everyone who responded said Wild Turkey 101 and Old Fitzgerald are "drinkable anytime." A smaller number, though still a majority, considered Evan Williams, Maker’s Mark, Old Grand-Dad and George Dickel "drinkable anytime." Interestingly, the leaders in the "drinkable in a pinch" category were the four top sellers: Jim Beam, Jack Daniel’s, Early Times and Ten High. This may reveal that the genius of these brands is their inoffensiveness.

When the "drinkable anytime" and "drinkable in a pinch" ratings were combined, it became apparent that, when push comes to shove, there is very little the members of StraightBourbon.com won’t drink. Wild Turkey ranked first on the "overall drinkability index." Jack Daniel’s, Evan Williams, Old Fitzgerald and George Dickel tied for second, just one point back.

Only three brands were considered “undrinkable” by more than two tasters: Ten High, Ancient Age and Old Crow. Of these, only Old Crow was branded “undrinkable” by the majority.