I did this about three years ago and it seems like it might be interesting to do again. I wish there was a way to do it on a single post but I don't think there is.

What I want you to do is rate some common bourbons on a scale of one to three, with one being "undrinkable," three being "drinkable anytime," and two being "drinkable in a pinch."

The standard for "undrinkable" is that if you're in a bar and this is the only bourbon they have, you'll have a beer or a scotch or something other than bourbon.

Similarly, the standard for "drinkable in a pinch" is that you will drink it in the situation described above, but will pass on it if any better bourbon is available.

Since each brand will be a separate post, feel free to add brands to the survey if you wish. I only ask that you use the same scale (or start a different thread).

Thanks, this should be interesting. (Actual poll starts with my next post.)