Hello everyone, I am new to the board. Although I haven't had a chance to taste most of the bourbons you folks talk about, I still think I am qualified to call myself a fan of the spirit.

So anyway, for my first discussion, I wonder if anyone would like to fill in the blank below:

I like bourbon, because _____________.

I'll go first:

1) ... because unlike alot of spirits, a lot of the taste from the mash carries over to the spirit. I'm not a big scotch fan, because I enjoy tasting fermented grain more than peat smoke, congeners (sp?) and tannins. Granted bourbon has some of the funky stuff in it, but it doesn't dominate the taste like it does in Scotch (O.K., I've only tried a few kinds of scotch, so this could be off). This obviously is a matter of personal taste.

2) ...bourbon has a high ratio of quality to cost. You can buy really really good bourbon for less than $30/750mL. Other aged spirits, such as cognac, (pure agave) tequila, scotch etc., while also good, are fairly pricey compared to bourbon.

3) ... bourbon is a uniquely American spirit, and one of the few domestic food/potables that I can be proud to call American. Its almost a patriotic duty to drink it!

I'd love to see what others out there would put in that blank...