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    Finish the sentence: I like bourbon because...

    Hello everyone, I am new to the board. Although I haven't had a chance to taste most of the bourbons you folks talk about, I still think I am qualified to call myself a fan of the spirit.

    So anyway, for my first discussion, I wonder if anyone would like to fill in the blank below:

    I like bourbon, because _____________.

    I'll go first:

    1) ... because unlike alot of spirits, a lot of the taste from the mash carries over to the spirit. I'm not a big scotch fan, because I enjoy tasting fermented grain more than peat smoke, congeners (sp?) and tannins. Granted bourbon has some of the funky stuff in it, but it doesn't dominate the taste like it does in Scotch (O.K., I've only tried a few kinds of scotch, so this could be off). This obviously is a matter of personal taste.

    2) ...bourbon has a high ratio of quality to cost. You can buy really really good bourbon for less than $30/750mL. Other aged spirits, such as cognac, (pure agave) tequila, scotch etc., while also good, are fairly pricey compared to bourbon.

    3) ... bourbon is a uniquely American spirit, and one of the few domestic food/potables that I can be proud to call American. Its almost a patriotic duty to drink it!

    I'd love to see what others out there would put in that blank...

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    Re: Finish the sentence: I like bourbon because...

    I like bourbon because it is a traditional American and southern product that is part of my heritage.

    I also like it for several other reasons, but that is my main reason.

    It makes me feel good.
    It is good for the circulatory system.
    It comes in a wide variety that makes it interesting to sample different expressions.
    Some of those expressions taste wonderful.
    It comforts me on cold evenings.
    It is great with a good book.


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    Re: Finish the sentence: I like bourbon because...

    1) It's delicious

    2) Compared to beer...it's a diet drink. Low cal/no carbs. What's not to like?

    3) Made here in the USA, and I'm trying to work on the balance of trade. I may even achieve favored nation status.

    4) Farm states (like mine) & pork-barrel ethanol projects: whistle-blowers insist these currently require 2 gallons of fossil fuel to produce 1 gallon of ethanol to burn in your car. With that kind of national energy sacrifice involved, I intend to consume all this corn-based ethanol my own damn self.

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    Re: Finish the sentence: I like bourbon because...

    welcome to our site...good friends come from many places... I like bourbon for its taste, grain, wood and history....nothing tastes quite like bourbon... I love the history of the spirit for its frontier quality, its "down-river" to New Orleans aspect (and now NO has come north to purchase Buffalo Trace)...soaked in white oak barrels(my backyard is shadowed by a white oak),made of mid-western corn,rye and barley, watered by the limestone of kentucky and nurtured by genius' who take pride in the final product, bourbon is the finest distilled product on the planet. bourbon is a "risk"...it doesnt use "used" barrels from bourbon as the scotch industry does (many from Brown-Forman...thus Jack Daniels, which owns a major share in Glenmorangie et all),it must take the chance to allow good spirit to age within raw charred white oak till a master decides whether it should stay or go... it uses domestic grains unlike the scotch industry which gets most of its barley from the Ukraine, its wheat from Canada or Australia and its premium brand(Macallen) dependent upon Sherry barrels from Spain. Bourbon is the quintensential American spirit...and if you want to understand Americans, if you want to understand America then you must appreciate "whiskey"...thus bourbon.

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    Re: Finish the sentence: I like bourbon because...

    I must agree with the americana aspect of it ( waxed poetic about it in a wild turkey tasting I dide a long while back), so to add to all the great comments above, I compliments a great stogie (as I am beginning to learn) like nothing else.

    Also because it doesnt back down, you have to step up to the tasting experience!



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    Re: Finish the sentence: I like bourbon because...

    I like bourbon becuase every time I drink it I can identify something a little different about each one...it is an experience that can be shared with friends and acquaintences....you know that there is a history a story and a great accomplishment with each sip you take

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    Re: Finish the sentence: I like bourbon because...

    I like bourbon because I can enjoy even just a little bit of it. In a way, I guess that's a combination of all the other things others here have said about it. But I can nurse a 2-ounce pour for a half-hour, enjoying the nose and taste of a great variety of drinks all made from the same basic, essential ingredients (more or less) and procedures. Additionally, as a history buff, the inter-connectedness of bourbon and U.S. history/economics is as fascinating as the drink itself.

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    Re: Finish the sentence: I like bourbon because...

    I like bourbon 'cause it makes my face go all squinched up when I drink it sometimes!

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    Re: Finish the sentence: I like bourbon because...

    I like bourbon because a hard day of work is satisfying, but incomplete. Bourbon is a little vacation in a thick bottomed glass, available each evening to put a cap on the day. Worries drift away.

    It tastes good, too.


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    Re: Finish the sentence: I like bourbon because...

    Get me a shot of bourbon, and a glass of bourbon, and a bourbon chaser. The Mummy

    Are you desirable? Are you irresistible? Maybe if you drank bourbon with me, it would help. Maybe if you kissed me and I could taste the sting in your mouth it would help. If you drank bourbon with me naked. If you smelled of bourbon as you (I'll stop there) Leaving Las Vegas

    It can laugh all it wants, the galaxy's not getting any of our bourbon. Enterprise 2001

    For me Bourbon is real. No other spirit hits the way Bourbon does. No other drink makes me respect it. Good Bourbon demands respect and takes your attention from all else, if just for a moment, you are part of a dream. Hello the scent is in your nose, the flavor explodes all over your tongue, next comes the warm finish that says Iím leaving, and then itís over, but just till the next sip.

    But hey thats just me.



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