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    Re: What is the \"best\" American Blended Whiskey?

    Thanks Dave, that's a nice spread, and I don't know if I'm being suggestible but the graphics have a 1930's flavor which is appealing and apposite.

    Thanks too, Bobby, for indicating Barton's as the source (but where do L.A. and Georgia figure into it??). I know Barton's other blended whiskey brands and they are excellent too. Where Fleishmann's impresses, even amongst this range, is in its assertive, rye-oriented profile. I am assuming, that is, that Barton's does not make a bourbon-oriented Fleishmann's for some markets and a rye oriented one for other markets (my bottle was sourced in N.Y.C.), that it all tastes like mine from New York. Anyway this is very good whiskey, tops in its class and as I said better than many all-straight whiskeys out there regardless of price.


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    Re: What is the \"best\" American Blended Whiskey?

    When you see multiple locations on a label it means that, at times, they use facilities in those locations to produce it. In other words, although Barton produces the aged whiskey component of the product in Bardtown, the blending and bottling may, always or from time to time, be done at one of their other facilities, or some other component, such as the GNS, comes from one or both of these other facilities. Again, they might not always use all three facilities in combination, but by having them all on the label they have that flexibility.



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