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    Re: Balcones - the End?

    Kind of hope this continues to spiral downward, so that A&E and Bryan Cranston team up to do a tv series about it, "Breaking Balcones". "Say my name." "You're Heisentate." "You're god d#%$ right."
    "What iceberg?"

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    Re: Balcones - the End?

    Good thing I got mine...

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    Re: Balcones - the End?

    The only contact Chip Tate has had with me, publicly or privately, is to say "thank you for your support." That is not considered "talking to the media." Anyone under a TRO is allowed to say "hello," "goodbye," "please" and "thank you." In fact, they're allowed to say anything they want to anyone as long as it is not about the matters in dispute.

    The only thing going on in this thread is people paying way too much attention to a showboating blowhard trying to build up his own importance by stirring the pot of someone else's misfortune. I suggest we ignore him.



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