There have been a number of posts over the last few months which have prompted my post here.

When mentioning JD or Dickel, some members are corrected with the statement that TN whiskey is not a bourbon.

I understand that alot of members are seriously committed to bourbon, and upholding it's merit. But I'd like to seriously ask the question: technically, isn't TN whiskey a bourbon?

Of course, bourbon can be made in Tennessee, as in any other state. But the two TN whiskeys currently on the market have chosen to be labelled TN whiskey (due to their production style, state of manufacture, etc.).

Doesn't the spirit in the bottle adhere to the true legal definition of bourbon?

When I'm in a liquor store or bar, and ask for their bourbon selection, I too am somewhat put-0ff when offered a JD. But is that wrong?

The attempts by TN distillers to make their product distinctive through this use of terminology seems to have worked with the JD brand, but I'm not convinced the marketplace chooses JD over any other because it IS or ISN'T a bourbon, (or a TN whiskey for that matter).

Is it simply a case of jealosy on the part of bourbon lovers that JD (ie. the swill in the bottle) has done so well?

Comments welcome.