While dining at the Talbert Tavern Mike Veach and I both ordered the Kentucky Bourbon Steak. After consuming the delicious meal both Mike and I tried to guess which bourbon was used. I don't remember what we gussed but we were both wrong. It was Jim Beam Marinade. Vickie went out and promptly bought two bottels.

Tonight we had Kentucky Bourbon Rib Eyes. First dump a liberal amount of marinade over the steaks and refrigerate overnight. The next day fire up your charcoal grill. For real wood flavor a gas grill just won't do. We had bought some wood chips made from used bourbon barrels and soaked them in water. After draining dump these on the fire after your charcoal is good and hot and glowing orange. Put your cooking grill in place and put on the steaks. Cook to your desired level of doneness. Eat with gusto!

Linn Spencer

Have Shotglass. Will Travel.