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    Re: Kentucky Bourbon Steak

    Bobby, using hickory limbs for cooking is just as good, if not better than, chunks from logs.

    I used to have the same idea you do because I so often saw split hickory logs stacked up outside good barbeque restaurants. But a few years back, I was invited to a 4th of July barbeque out on the country (near Talladega). The old farmers were cooking a whole fresh ham. I was mildly amused when I saw them using green hickory limbs for the smoking, thinking they were way off base. Boy, was I wrong! It was absolutely the best hickory smoked meat I have ever tasted, before or since.


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    Re: Kentucky Bourbon Steak

    That's pretty cool to know . I just finished eating a steak I used some of the hickory and some mesquite. I don't think it could have been any better.
    Here is the marinade:
    10 tbls bourbon
    3 tbls worchestershire sauce
    3 tbls catalina salad dressing
    1/2 ts juice from marishino cherries( I think I'll try 1 ts next time.)
    Dash of crushed red pepper
    a couple twists of black pepper from a peppermill.
    I used 4 New York Strips But I feel pretty sure Tbones or Ribeyes even Sirlion would be fine.
    I put it all in a gallon ziplock for 4 hours ( it will probably be overnite next time)
    when I placed the meat on the grill ,weber of course, I put half the marinade on the tops and the rest when I turned them over. The big surprise was the flavor imparted in the fat . I used the Cabin Still bourbon that I used on the wood ,not the best in the world but I'm not going to go too pricey on the stuff I cook with . Although I did use some VanWinkle 10YO 107 in my bourbon balls last year. I have a friend whose Dad uses a fifth of 7 YO Beam for his hickory chips It seemed extravagant to me but if you look at it like your going to burn a couple hundred dollars in Tbones and Ribeyes it doesn't seem like much.
    I cook a country ham each year at Christmas but have never tried a fresh one . May have to look into that.

    Bobby Cox



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