I have enjoyed bourbon for a long time but really caught the fever this year. So I decided to list the different bottles I've purchased and consumed over the last four months. I had no idea of the answer until I made the list as follows:

Kentucky Spirit
ER 17yo 2002
ER 10yo SB
EW 7yo
Ezra Brooks 15yo
EC 18yo
Weller Centenial
ORVW 10/107
RVW Special Reserve 12yo
RVW Rye 13yo
Pappy 20yo
GT Stagg 2003 (half consumed)
ER 17yo 2003 (half consumed)

Wheh!!! I didn't realize the breadth (and volume) I had consumed over four months. What a journey! Several observations 1) there are only two of them I wouldn't purchase again and even they weren't bad, just not to my liking and 2) the quality/price ratio for bourbons in general is very high. We are indeed very lucky.

My question is this....do most of you stick with a couple of favorites for your go-to bourbon....or do you keep a dozen bottles open like me and choose your drink each day based on the "moment" (ie outdoors/indoors, weather, having a cigar, company or solo, etc.) Just curious.