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    How Many Different Bourbons Lately?

    I have enjoyed bourbon for a long time but really caught the fever this year. So I decided to list the different bottles I've purchased and consumed over the last four months. I had no idea of the answer until I made the list as follows:

    Kentucky Spirit
    ER 17yo 2002
    ER 10yo SB
    EWSB 92
    EWSB 93
    EW 7yo
    Ezra Brooks 15yo
    EC 18yo
    Weller Centenial
    ORVW 10/107
    RVW Special Reserve 12yo
    RVW Rye 13yo
    Pappy 20yo
    GT Stagg 2003 (half consumed)
    ER 17yo 2003 (half consumed)

    Wheh!!! I didn't realize the breadth (and volume) I had consumed over four months. What a journey! Several observations 1) there are only two of them I wouldn't purchase again and even they weren't bad, just not to my liking and 2) the quality/price ratio for bourbons in general is very high. We are indeed very lucky.

    My question is this....do most of you stick with a couple of favorites for your go-to bourbon....or do you keep a dozen bottles open like me and choose your drink each day based on the "moment" (ie outdoors/indoors, weather, having a cigar, company or solo, etc.) Just curious.


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    Re: How Many Different Bourbons Lately?

    I only have five bottles of bourbon going at the moment. I'm sure that will increase. To answer your question, I like to switch it up. Variety is the spice of life, and my bottles don't seem to get consumed very fast that way.

    My favorite at the moment is the Wild Turkey Russell's Reserve 10yo. I pour it over a couple rocks to dillute and chill it just a tad. Maybe someday I'll get up the gumption to drink it neat.

    I like to drink bourbon with my cigars, but lately I've been smoking a pipe too. I try to select a drink that I think will match the tobacco.

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    Re: How Many Different Bourbons Lately?

    I like to keep a nice variety on hand at all times so I can choose something to fit my mood. Without counting I would guess I have about 30-35 bottles going at the moment, plus the unopened bottles that I have bunkered away for a rainy day. I built my bunker mostly one bottle at a time, usually a new bottle to reward a hard week's toils. I'll consume about half of it then start backing off a bit to conserve, then I'll move on to something else.

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    Re: How Many Different Bourbons Lately?

    These are the bottles I've drawn from within the last 4 months:

    Buffalo Trace
    Pappy 20
    Woodford Reserve
    Old Charter Proprietor's Reserve 13yo
    Eagle Rare Single Barrel 10yo
    Ancient Ancient Age 10yo
    Old Forester 86
    Elijah Craig 12yo
    A.H. Hirsch Reserve 16yo
    Old Forester Birthday Bourbon '02

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    Re: How Many Different Bourbons Lately?

    I open a new bottle and try it as soon as I can. Pours are free and generous to anyone willing to try, but when it gets down to about 1/3 then I HOARD it. Here's a list of my open bottles, in no particular order of course.

    AH Hirsch 16
    Van Winkle Reserve 12
    ORVW 10yr 90
    ORVW 10yr 107
    ORVW 15 yr
    WT 4yr
    WT 101
    WT Ky Spirit
    WT RR
    WT Rye (woops, not a bourbon)
    ER 17
    ER 10 single barrel
    Weller Antique
    Weller Centennial
    Wathens SB
    EWSB '90
    Elijah Craig 12
    JB Black
    Knob Creek
    OF 86

    not bad for a Canadian, eh?

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    Re: How Many Different Bourbons Lately?

    I currently have a bunch of different ones, but I've been thinking of paring down to a favorite 4 or 5 and sticking with them. Maybe a couple of those would change on an ongoing basis.


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    Re: How Many Different Bourbons Lately?

    I currently have over 30 different bottlings in the house (not counting about 45 different full, tax-stamped collectible minis), but I only have five plus a rye open at the moment. And, many of the ones I have I also consider collectible, and won't open until I'm too poor to buy replacements (which might be any day!).
    My 'bunker' includes:

    All Van Winkles except the 23yo
    A.H. Hirsch 16yo
    Stagg '03
    ER 17
    ER SB
    Sazerac rye 18yo
    AAA 10yo
    OFBB '02
    OFBB Spring '03
    Old Charter 7yo (old collectible)
    Maker's Mark
    Jim Beam Black 7yo 90-proof
    Old Forester 86
    Prichard's (a local TN product)
    Weller SR 7 yo
    Woodford's Reserve
    Old Fitz BIB
    Wild Turkey rye
    Original Michter's Whiskey (an unopened pint ceramic jug and several 50 ml minis, both plastic and ceramic)
    Four Roses blended whiskey
    Old Fitz 12yo
    Wild Turkey 12yo
    Weller 12yo

    In addition, I have about a 140-bottle wine assortment which includes an '83 Lafite Rothschild and '83 Chateau d'Yquem and some other goodies.

    Whew, making that list made me thirsty.

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    Re: How Many Different Bourbons Lately?

    I currently have 18 different bottles of Bourbon/Rye
    open. About 1/2 will be a one time only purchase.
    My current favorites, in no particular order:
    Ezra B/15Y
    OGD/ 114
    A.H. Hirsch/16y
    Weller Cent.

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    Re: How Many Different Bourbons Lately?

    I'll estimate that I have 30-40 bottles open right now, a few more than that, counting rye and barley products. I select from them based on my mood, influenced slightly by the cost/rarity of a particular bottle and how much is left. (It takes a lot to get me to uncork the Hirsch 20 y/o or the Sam's or Park Ave. special bottlings from Van Winkle.)

    I have most of the ones on your list, except for the ER 17 and the Pappy 20, neither of which I've had the pleasure of trying, plus a few more. Lately I've been on a Turkey streak. Over the least week-plus it's been WT101, RR, or RB almost every day. (One night recently I started thinking maybe I was drinking too much. I poured an Islay malt -- got through the whole evening on only one pour. ) Before that, it was mainly Jim Beam -- black lable, KC and Booker's -- with an occasional ER SB, Hirsch (VW) 13 y/o rye and Buffalo Trace.

    On a side note, I did some arithmetic based on your consumption and arrived at about three drinks/day as the average. That's what I'd guess I average, and yet it seems like I hardly ever empty a bottle (although I can recall a few times when I've emptied two or three in a sort span).

    Counting unopened bottles, and adding in the non-bourbon bottlings, I have about 60 bottles in various states of fullness. I had thought that was several years' supply for me. I'm mildly shocked to realize that it's only about a year's worth.

    Yours truly,
    Dave Morefield

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    Re: How Many Different Bourbons Lately?

    The only bottles I have not yet openned in my collection are
    Pappy 23yr
    AH Hirsch 20 yr
    Distiller's Master Piece 20 year (I know there is some debate on this one)
    ER 17 yr

    I have about 35 other bottles open. I just go with with what the mood is for the night and pour a drink. I have not yet decided on a favorite because the ones I really like are the very expensive ones that I know I'll likely never get again caus I like to get the bottles. I hope that this doesn't sound like heresy but I have some bottle that I won't take a drink from for several months, not because I don't like them, just cause I don't get around to it. Some bottles I have had for several years cause I keep finding new ones.



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