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    Re: How Many Different Bourbons Lately?

    I've had a little trouble coming by info about the Prichards' bourbon -- the producer only distills rum (from Louisiana sugar cane molasses) and went into business on that basis. My understanding is he buys bourbon stock already in barrels. He calls his bourbon (NOT Tennessee whiskey) 'double barreled' because he rebarrels it after dilution from barrel proof for a time before bottling. It is bottled at 90 proof at nine years old.
    The distillery is located in Kelso, Tennessee, a little 'wide-spot-in-the-road' community in rural mid-southern Tennessee, not many miles north of Huntsville, Ala.
    Its website looks like it hasn't been updated for a while, and only discusses his rum, but is mildly interesting.
    Prichards' Distillery

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    Re: How Many Different Bourbons Lately?

    All my replacement is going to get is a bunch of open bottles and I hope most of them are damn near empty
    What about the 'Vette? Do you have a collection of Craftsman tools?

    Lets hope you both make it to a ripe old age, Rick!

    <font color="red"> Good God Give Peter Frampton Some </font>
    Crap, never thought of that stuff. Pool table, Guns, Bass Boat and lots of books too, think he would wear my suits?

    Hope I'm here for a few more good years.

    Please do give Frampton some. Put me back in my 73 Pontiac Sprint with my 8 track and Jensen Triax speakers. I'm in ............ Click, Click .............. you you're in me.



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