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    The (Unmentionable?) Jim Beam

    Hi all.

    I've been spending quite a few hours hanging around this board lately, reading, learning, occasionally chuckling, and today I noticed that I haven't come across a single mention of Jim Beam White Label bourbon. Is it part of the unspoken code of sophisticated bourbon drinkers to avoid mentioning this label?

    I've never even tried it, myself. But will shortly. Isn't it supposed to be one of the top selling bourbons in the country? Maybe even THE top selling bourbon? (Someone who knows should learn me up.) I realize that what sells the most isn't necessarily the best; look at Budweiser for example, the top selling beer. But... Is that what Jim Beam is? The Budweiser of Bourbon?

    Is my account going to be deleted by the mods because I mentioned it? Will I draw long, hard stares from across the bar-room by ordering it?

    Does anyone here DRINK Jim Beam bourbon?

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    Re: The (Unmentionable?) Jim Beam

    Well, the white label (either 4- or 7-year-old) is pretty pedestrian, but the Black Label ain't bad (some here call it the 'poor man's Booker's' -- I'm not sure if that's meant to be a slam or a kudo).

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    Re: The (Unmentionable?) Jim Beam

    I think you summed it up quite well with the Budweiser analogy: there really isn't a whole lot to talk about with JB White.

    I never have been able to tolerate the stuff straight, but it was my first bourbon. It mixes well, and was my ONLY bourbon throughout college. Once I had a taste of Maker's Mark, I never looked back. (And after using MM as a stepping-stone I never looked back at it either!)

    JB White is a non-finesse mass-produced 4yo, which to my tastes is extremely hot, harsh, and boring.

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    Re: The (Unmentionable?) Jim Beam

    JB white does a good job when I use it to disenfect my hunting socks or as an engine degreaser. Occasionally I use it to remove sink clogs but it tends to eat the pipes. Drink it? When there are so many tasty alternatives?

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    Re: The (Unmentionable?) Jim Beam

    You can mention Jim Beam...nothing wrong with that...but for a newbie reading threads in some of these forums you might think that Jim Beam is bad...They are not...They didn't get to be #1 best seller of Kentucky Straight Bourbon for nothing...

    This board is partial to "Premium" bourbon...I might say "partial" is a bit of a under statement...

    Bobby Cox, will tell you that his favorite is Stagg...in the same breath he will pat Jim Beam on the back...That insight gets lost sometimes...Lots of newbies have thought that Maker's Mark is bad...It's a fine bourbon...as there are several members that will tell you that right off the bat...

    So, Nightcap?...I choose Budweiser, to be in the fridge all the time...and I drink Elijah Craig 18 single barrel...Different opinions different taste...some overlooked some not...

    Bettye Jo Boone
    Line Mechanic, Heaven Hill Distilleries
    7th Generation Jacob Beam

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    Re: The (Unmentionable?) Jim Beam

    BettyeJo is shooting it straight as always. Jim Beam is a wonderful outfit. They have good products, all the small batch and the Distillers Masterpiece.
    Saying Jim Beam Black is a poor mans Bookers is a compliment . The profile is similiar to what a Booker's with a quarter to a third of water will yield.
    Beam White is a go to Bourbon, one shouldn't get too worked up if someone drinks it with coke. It is a "well "bourbon at many bars. They sell a lot of it.
    You likely will not see anyone posting that it tastes much much better than Vanwinkle or some other Premium. That doesn't mean it isn't good on it's own. It does what it's made to do, a workhorse brand. Apparently the most well liked one available today!

    <font color="blue"> Good God Give Hank Jr Some </font>

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    Re: The (Unmentionable?) Jim Beam

    Jim Beam white label is what it is; a low proof, minimally aged bourbon. It tastes pretty green but it isn't hot or oily like some other young whiskeys. It's a good, baseline bourbon. A new bourbon drinker can get to know it and then say, "okay, I get it, now where do we go from here?"

    Jim Beam white gets to claim "#1 bourbon" because its only real competitor, Jack Daniel's, isn't a bourbon, so in that sense Beam wins on a technicality. In fact, those two are always #1 and #2 in the American Straight Whiskey category, though who is #1 varies. It's always close.

    If you consider Jim Beam and Jack Daniel's about equal in quality, then Jim Beam should get points for being a much better value.

    Some people just don't like the Jim Beam style. The white label product can taste a little foxy, a product of its yeast strain as well as its youth. It's unquestionably distinctive, but some people like it and some don't.

    As you've just seen, all you have to do to get people here to talk about just about anything is start the ball rolling.

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    Re: The (Unmentionable?) Jim Beam

    I agree 100% with all that's been said here, I just want to point out to NightCap that the Beams are rye, while MM is wheat.
    I believe they are both good entry level Bourbons. (Although, if I had my druthers...I'd chose Beam Black.)
    I really think MM's appeal to the consumer is (marketing genius and) the mashbill. Wheat presents a smoothness that can grab a new Bourbon drinker. Rye is more rambunctious. What was that L. Spencer said? "A Party in your mouth!"
    That's the wonderful thing about Bourbon. Your mood can choose your Bourbon. You might want to sit quietly and sip or, you might want to turn the stereo up until it rattles the windows, call to the neighbors and look stupid while you dance...
    I'm kidding, but ya'll know what I mean...

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    Re: The (Unmentionable?) Jim Beam

    It's been a long time but if you pour me one I will drink it. There is nothing wrong with JB White but there Bourbon at about the same price point that has a lot more going for it. In the end it's all about what you like. Twist the cap, pour a glass and tell us what you think.

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    Re: The (Unmentionable?) Jim Beam

    So, Nightcap?...I choose Budweiser, to be in the fridge all the time...and I drink Elijah Craig 18 single barrel...Different opinions different taste...some overlooked some not...
    Betty Joe, you are kidding me, right? Budweiser and Elijah Craig 18 yr SB? I haven't tried the 18 yr SB yet but the 12 yr is one of the best I have tried. I have a bottle of the 18 yr SB waiting for tasting. (New bourbon drinker.) But Budweiser? with so many other beers with character, not for me.

    By the way, are you married?

    Regards, jimbo



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