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    Looking for Opinion on Sam Houston

    I have perused the reviews but have not seen one on Sam Houston. Could some of you nice people give me your input on whether it might be a good or bad choice to add to my collection? Jefferson's Reserve was one of my first tastings and holds a special place with me but I have yet to taste or see a review on it's sibling. Thanks for your help.

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    Re: Looking for Opinion on Sam Houston

    I found a bottle of this at one of the interstate stores I frequent. Likewise, I'd be interested in opinions from anyone who may have tried it

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    Re: Looking for Opinion on Sam Houston

    Of the three siblings, Jefferson's 8, 15, and Sam Houston, SH is not as rich as the 15, but at 10 years, it does have some mellowness wound up in a spicy rye backbone. I find a smokey, char in the nose that follows through on the palate as burnt caramel. The Jefferson 8 comes across as lighter than the SH. I think the barrels for Jefferson are lighter in char than the Sam Houston, but I don't know this for a fact. I think the SH is definitely worth adding to your stash.

    I'm leading a tasting on all three of these next weekend so I'll have to post what I hear from folks later.



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