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    Birthday Bourbon in Lexington?

    Hey all you straightbourbon folks in Kentucky,
    My wife and I will be traveling up I-75 next week from Atlanta to Cincinnati, and I'm wondering if anyone knows where I can find some Birthday Bourbon in the Lexington area (or anywhere else along I-75). I've been reading about this stuff for months, and it's unavailable in California, so I'm hoping I can pick some up this trip. Any help anyone has would be much appreciated!! (I did manage to find some Stagg already this trip, in a store outside of Fort Worth, Texas. Can't wait to try it when I get home!!).

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    Re: Birthday Bourbon in Lexington?

    I'm not sure about Lexington, but when I was traveling through the area and hoped to find A.H. Hirsch last summer, I did just that at Cork and Bottle at Covington, KY (just south of Cincy). The main store is just a block or so off I-75 just before you reach the Ohio River. There's another store a few exits south, less well-stocked, but connected to the other.

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    Re: Birthday Bourbon in Lexington?

    Athens-Boonesboro Exit, #104 on I-75. Go toward lexington, when you get to the end of the ramp, Left or Northwest. That road turns into Richmond Road(US-25). Stay on Richmond Road and go past Man O War Blvd and Walmart and the Richmond Road Liquor Barn will be on your left. Its probably 5 or 6 miles off of I-75. They will have Fall Bday Bourbon unless they are sold out due to the Christmas rush. While at the Beaumont Liquor Barn tonight I noticed they were not stocked up very well, but I think I still remember seeing 3 bottles of Fall BDay Bourbon.



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