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Thread: Margaritas!

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    I'm making this post while slightly buzzed on Margaritas and I want to know what is your favorite margarita recipe? Please include specific brands of tequilla and other ingredients. Here is my current favorite:

    2 oz Cuervo Traditional Tequilla
    1 oz Cointreau
    1 oz Fresh lime juice
    1 pinch ultra-fine sugar
    1 pinch Kosher Salt

    Mix all ingredients in a shaker and skake well. Pour into a salt-rimmed glass over ice. Enjoy!

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    Re: Margaritas!

    2oz Patron Silver
    1oz Cointreau
    1oz fresh squeezed lime juice
    splash of Gran Marinier
    shake with ice, pour into glass with salted rim

    Some people find them a little too tart, so a little extra Gran Marinier and a bit of fresh squeezed orange juice (1/4 orange or so) tends to sweeten it up just a little for them. I've found a silver tequila is much better for basic margaritas like this, and the quality of it does make a significant difference.

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    Re: Margaritas!

    Tablespoon Honey
    2oz Tequila
    1oz Grand Marnier
    1/2oz Triple Sec or Cointreau
    Lime to taste, ice

    Try this one with honey, which I add first as it needs to be dissolved before serving. The quantity of lime juice and ice depends on who I'm serving it to.



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