Recently Jimbo asked me to list my favorites. I did so in a PM, but I think he missed my response.

FWIW, here is the substance of that response:

1. VWSR 12 y/o Lot "B" -- Not like other VW bourbons, spicier and more fruity somehow. (I mistakenly referred to this one as 'ORVW Lot "B" ' recently.)

2. VWFR Rye 13 y/o -- Has never been out of my top five since I first tasted it. Spent several months as my all-time favorite whiskey.

3. ORVW 10/107 (aka "Old Commonwealth") -- Not as impressive today as at first taste when I posted my first formal tasting notes, but still worth grabbing on the way out the door if the house is on fire.

4. WT Russell's Reserve -- "And now for something completely different..." I've had ups and downs with this one. Right now it's up -- way up. Possibly the best buy of the WT line.

5. WT 12 year-old -- It easily dethroned Kentucky Spirit in a head-to-head last Superbowl Sunday. I seldom drink it because it's all but unavailable now, and I have only one and a fraction bottles. It ruined KS for me.

6. Rock Hill Farms -- Let's see if this one holds up, now that I'm pouring it from a recycled WT 101 bottle, rather than its original, swanky, decanter-like bottle, whose lip disintegrated as I opened this bottle.

7. Wathen's -- This probably should be higher on the list, but which ones can I stand to move lower? Maybe RHF.

8. Old Ezra 15 y/o -- The best of the super-aged rye recipe bourbons. Not acrid like EC18. Some people say just the opposite.

9. Hirsch 16 y/o -- This used to be ranked higher until the VW Lot "B" blew it away in a head-to-head after Christmas dinner.

10. ORVW 18 y/o (Park Ave bottling) and 20 y/o (Sam's bottling) -- How could these two be ranked so low? Maybe because they cost an arm and a leg, so I seldom drink them, which means I don't really remember what they taste like. I do remember that they're damn good.

Conspicuously absent from my top ten are Hirsch 20 y/o, Blanton's, Stagg, EC18, Jefferson's Reserve, all of the JB small batch (especially the way-overrated Booker's), EWSB, and the OFBB (of which I have last year's and the first release of this year). Of all of the preceding bottlings, the Hirsch 20 y/o, last year's OFBB and Baker's are the only ones with a chance of breaking into my personal top 10 of the moment.

Yours truly,
Dave Morefield