4. Blanton's--I love this one so much that it just BAFFLES me how some people can dismiss it as being too subtle.

I resemble that remark.

Seriously, I'm guessing that 25,000 Lucky Strikes (unfiltered), Marlboros and Salems (and toss in the occasional pack of Murad and Turkish Ovals), along with a few hundred pounds of Latakia-blend pipe tobacco and a walk-in humidor or two of cigars -- combined with a life-long fondness for jalapeno peppers -- have seriously handicapped my ability to taste anything.

Can it be a coincidence that I like EC12 better than Blanton's? I think not.

Oh, and I freely admit that the WT line has a touch of charcoal briquette roughness that I sometimes crave, even though I also appreciate the velvety smoothness of the likes of Eagle Rare Single Barrel.

Yours truly,
Dave Morefield