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  • I Love Corks!

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  • Corks are unnessary, leak, add to the cost and can alter/harm the flavor

    5 13.89%
  • Give me the practical screw top every time!

    7 19.44%
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Thread: Got Cork?

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    Re: Got Cork?

    Re: wine -- I'm withholding judgment on screw tops until some high-quality wines have been aged with them (and that's now happening). But as for corks, give me the synthetic ones -- about 3%-5% of real-corked bottles are tainted by TCA contamination. That's one out of every 20-30 bottles. I just hate it when that happens! Glad I don't have to worry about it with bourbon.

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    Re: Got Cork?

    While reading a story written by Cigar Afficionado's spirits writer regarding Booker Noe's recent passing, the writer refers to the first time he met Mr. Noe. He recalls asking him why they decided to cork finish Booker's versus using the screw top. Mr. Noe's reply..."because the marketing folks say its worth $5." That about sums it up for me too ..... it adds only to the experience and to the presentation and to the price.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Got Cork?

    It also points out my favorite thing about Booker. Try as they might (and they tried mightily), the marketing and PR people couldn't control him. We lost a truth-teller when we lost him and those are hard to replace.



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