I dug way down into the piggy bank as the bunker was getting low and off I went to restock. Had a list of bourbons that one would have to mortgage the farm to purchase and I grabbed me a big cart and through the aisles I went!! I got to thinking about all those fine bourbons and it suddenly came to me - the ones I truly like was not the high dollar ones - so I grabbed me two cases of Buffalo Trace (the 1.75 Liter), two cases of AAA (the 1.75 Liter), three cases of Heaven Hill 10 YO BB, and one case of VOB BB (1.75 Liter) and on the way out grabbed a bottle of Russell's Reserve, just for a treat, and one bottle of 1792 and to the check-out counter I go ----My wife passes out ----so I buy a lotto ticket in hopes for a quick return. Life is good and here is a toast to all of you and a special toast to my friend, Bettye Jo .