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    Re: Just Got Back From The Liquor Store

    If I went out and had that much fun whiskey shopping my ex-wife would appear out of nowhere & throw a bottle at me (one I'll have to pay for) then disappear again until I had another nickels worth of fun.

    Mean woman. Pretty, but mean as a snake. But I digress, that sounds like a nice bunkerload. Sound choices.

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    Re: Just Got Back From The Liquor Store


    You are about half right on price as there is only 6 bottles to a case of the 1.75 Liter and I assume you thought it was 12. As for where I like to buy my bourbon I buy it at Mr. G's, off Rt. 42 and I75 in Florence, KY. Not only are they very nice people they give me a 10% discount on all bourbon. They used to just give me a 10% discount if I purchased a case, but it is now whether I buy one bottle or mix them up. There are a few bottles, like Russell Reserve, that they cannot discount, but usually after I buy several cases, they usually give me a bottle free, of my choice of course, as long as it is a reasonable request. I also buy some of my bourbon at the Cork & Bottle because I know Timothy Hue, who owns the place, and he usually manages to give me a bottle every now and then. Timothy is a very nice person and I have the up-most respect for him. I hope this answers your question satisfactorily.


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    Re: Just Got Back From The Liquor Store

    Thanks...will definately try Mr.G's when next in N.Ky. Have not been buying in cases but at the great prices you got, maybe I should start. BT, Weller12 and AAA10yr are what I would buy in cases. I like Old Charter alot also but you don't see that many places.



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