Under "Tasting" right now there is a discussion about a couple of the products currently sold under the Michter's name. That prompted me to write this post.

I have very little interest in products like the current Michter's or any of the other private label products on the market. (There are a couple of exceptions, such as some of Julian Van Winkle's products, and the Ezra Brooks 15-year-old.) In most cases, bourbons marketed by non-distillers are undistinguished and over-priced. Unless you know for a fact that the whiskey is something special, you can safely assume that it is not.

Even though it has recently become apparent to me that Heaven Hill isn't necessarily the presumed source for all private label or bulk whiskey sales, so what? What is the point of buying Old Barnswallow and wondering who made it when you can buy Woodford Reserve or Wild Turkey and know who made it. Do you think any distiller would sell its best whiskey in bulk? Of course not.

When I see an unfamiliar brand on the shelf, I'll look at it to see if anything on the label gives me a clue as to its source, but whether I learn anything from that or not, I usually don't buy it. That isn't to say some of them aren't pretty good. Corner Creek, for example, is a good whiskey for a good price. I don't know who made it and I don't particularly care. I won't buy it as a regular thing either. I'm more interested to know what the distillers are doing with their own brands.