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    Re: Old Taylor Distillery...

    When I personally see old buildings go down like that...I just get all quiet. I'm a bit of a softee for stuff like that. It's a shame...it breaks my heart to hear of such. When I read Sally's book, it really touched me emotionally. Just a shame to see such history be discarded, but we do that sort of thing all over this country and it ain't always "corporate" but seems to often be. I've seen beautiful old buildings get ripped down by city officials, too.

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    Re: Old Taylor Distillery...

    I've seen beautiful old buildings get ripped down by city officials, too.

    Yeah, me too. But not in Bardstown. Bardstown is very conscious of history. A couple of years ago, we had a fella that owned property on Flaget (Across from Spalding Hall) have to fight to tear down his building. I mean, literally square off with police.

    I also remember probably 20 years ago, Booker Noe was having his home sandblasted/cleaned and repairing stuff. Something he did, didn't meet with the approval of the Historical Review Board and there were police involved.

    The historian came and told the crew to stop work. The crew was more afraid of Booker then they were David... , so they refused. They went to jail.

    Needless to say, when Booker returned, he immediately handled the situation... By all accounts I heard, he was not a happy man. Said when he hit the door...you knew he was there. The men were immediately released from jail, Booker finished his repairs, and the story ended peacefully.

    Just a funny story. Booker is a very nice man, and a Kentucky true gentleman.

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    Re: Old Taylor Distillery...

    The story you have was released by the Associated Press in January of 1997. Unfortunately, nothing happened! It is (was) a beautiful site but every time I go by there (well, I've only been by there a few times -- maybe last time was 6 months ago) I am amazed at how bad it looks.

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    Re: Old Taylor Distillery...

    Thanks Greg, I will write the needed information on it right now

    Bettye Jo



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