Some have said that a given pair of bourbons are as different tasting as night and day, while others say the same pair taste almost exactly the same. Tastes vary quite a bit, even for a given person, depending on all sorts of things (food, time of day/night, what else they drank, etc.). Fine. But, if you had to pick just two bourbons, mid-shelf and/or top shelf, which two would you say taste the most different? Or, maybe I should say, taste the least alike? In my case, with limited, but growing, experience, it would be Maker's Mark (standard one with the red wax) and Hirsch 16. If I had to pick 3, tasting as far apart as possible, I'd toss in Stagg 03 with the Maker's and Hirsch. Anyone else have a pair or trey? Cheers, Ed