I've followed with interest other posts lately which have touched on the endless discussion of price vs. value. I feel compelled to claim that Bourbon is the best all-round value in the whisk(e)y world IMHO.

While I realize I'm preaching to the converted, I'd like to point out:

On one end there are some who rarely spend more than $30 on a bottle and are quite happy doing so (even many "connoisseurs" on this forum). I believe there to be no whiskey to be had in the world for $30 that is better than a good bourbon. You all know the brands.

At the other end there are the folks who spend great deals of their hard earned (or won) monies on the premium bourbons which are in excess of $100 a bottle. However, there really aren't that many that are that expensive. Conversely, in the premium Scotch, Irish, Japanese, etc. whisk(e)y world, bottlings well in the thousands are not at all rare.

My conclusion is this. I'm almost of the opinion that we ought to keep the joys of fine bourbon to ourselves. If supply and demand rules the trade, then we will undoubtably see much higher prices in the future as the world discovers our little secret.