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    Re: How old were you when you first starting loving good bourbon?

    In my early twenties I tried the occasional Beam and Coke, and found it quite unpleasant. I attributed this to a dislike of bourbon. For the next 5 or 6 years I avoided bourbon and turned to beer and tequilla as my drinks of choice. Then, on a Saturday afternoon, several years ago, Leslie and I took a trip to Loretto and visited the Maker's Mark Distillery. Well that was enough to make me go right out and buy myself a bottle, of Maker's of course. It was much better than I remembered, though I had never drank it straight before. I stayed pretty close to MM for a while, occasionally venturing out with Woodford Reserve and Wild Turkey. Now I would guess that I have tasted about 75-80% of everything on the market today, and really enjoy most of it. About 6 months ago I thought I would try a bourbon and coke for old time's sake. I found it just as displeasing as I did years ago. Turns out, I just don't like bourbon and coke. I sure could have saved myself a lot of time If I had just tried it straight to begin with

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    Re: How old were you when you first starting loving good bourbon

    Bourbon and Coke is really awful, isn't it? I wonder who came up with such a goofy idea?


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    Re: How old were you when you first starting loving good bourbon?


    I don't remember exactly how old I was 15 or 16 I think, when I got into my Dad's fridge where he kept all his beer and was going to have a cool one and lo and behold there was a bottle of whisky, can't even remember the name, but the thing I do remember was that I liked it. I could taste all those wonderful things but I couldn't describe them back then. And have been drinking it ever since, which is a good many years as I am now almost 60, and doing very well.


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    Re: How old were you when you first starting loving good bourbon?

    Whiskey in the fridge, eh? I remember stowing bottles (and bottles and bottles...) of Beam white label in the freezer a few years ago, only to pull them out and dump the contents into a big cup of Diet Coke (it's diet, I know, but for some reason I just can't stand the taste of sodas with bonafide sugar in them.)

    I feel like I've come so far already from those (dark) days, and even now I realize that I'm really only standing in the doorway to a whole other world. I've got a long, long way to go, and I look forward to seeing what awaits me along the way. I appreciate all the kind words of welcome and encouragement...I'm already starting to feel at home and among friends.

    Cheers to all!

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    Re: How old were you when you first starting loving good bourbon

    This brings back some memories for me.Bourbon was never a
    popular beverage in Baltimore(where I grew up),as the
    whiskeys of choice were Calvert Extra,Seagrams 7,Four
    Roses and the raunchy rye,Pikesville.You needed Seven-Up,
    Coke, or ginger ale for obvious reasons. Nobody would
    venture to drink them without a mixer or chaser.I do
    remember having a handsome decanter of Old Fitzgerald in my
    home when I was a teenager. It had a sailing ship embosssed on it. But I can't say that I enjoyed the taste.
    We drank beer in B,more and lots of it. National Boh
    and Arrow 77,three quarts for 95 cents.Yuengling, which is
    a premium beer now, cost 80 cents for a six pack.

    Oh well, young, old, our taste changes.



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